Welcome to the Sacred Sanctuary!

The Sacred Sanctuary Land Retreats

This is a space where all life on the planet is considered sacred and where the interconnectedness of life on our planet is felt and honored.

Nestled in the foothills of Boulder and held by a sacred mountain and river, The Sacred Sanctuary has a deep connection to the divine white light of the selenite and to the energy of the 4 pillars of light. It has dedicated itself to help humanity anchor love, compassion, peace and harmony as the foundation for the new paradigm. 

It is a space where the inter tribal altar can network as a means to bring together the ancient and indigenous wisdoms from around the world. We deeply understand that these wisdoms and earth honoring ways hold the codes of the divine intelligence of our planet and will help the Earth and humanity find balance and harmony. This land wants to nurture the seeds of divine intelligence to grow and expand wisdom practices as means to benefit all life and all beings on the planet and in the universe.

The Sacred Sanctuary is also committed to making decisions that support the environment and the balance of the ecosystem and our natural resources. We are committed to the environment and to creating a model where our financial sustainability is aligned with environmental health.

Intention in this now: Moving forward easily with development of the Sacred Sanctuary in the creation of spaces of peace, compassion, harmony, love, healing, and abundance in community for all that come.


Do you want to be your own doctor, heal your family, learn the wild edible and medicinal plants and be more deeply connected to nature? Come join this opportunity to dive into sacred land and the forest and learn the wisdom of the plants and natural remedies.

Angelic Light Connections

My name is Rāćhel (Raquel). I am a healer, wisdom keeper, meditation practitioner and teacher, sacred space co-creator, and devoted student/listener of Mother Earth and Spirit. I serve humbly as gatekeeper/visionary of this sacred space. 

After being taken close to death in 2008, I embarked on a tremendous transformational healing process that brought me from being fully paralyzed with a demyelinated spinal cord and a prognosis of life-long chemotherapy, to a space of regeneration and a life focused around well-being, attaining balance and healing. This journey took me on a path of discovering ancient wisdom and connecting with healing modalities from around the world.

My path connected me with Chinese medicine, shamanism, sacred plant medicine, dream work, breathwork, nutrition, energetic surgeries, meditation, tai chi, reiki, body talk, network chiropractics, sound healing, and more.

I am a networker and practitioner of these modalities and I use my personal gifts to aid others through healing and self-discovery with the intention of unlocking infinite healing potential in all beings.

My personal offerings include healing hands touch, Tibetan singing bowl sound healing, intuitive and clairvoyant readings, angel messages, meditation circles, one-on-one healing, mentorships and retreats.

My life’s purpose also involves helping and teaching children, especially those who are sensitive. I am co-creating a curriculum that helps children tap into their own spiritual gifts and creates containers and programs where children can participate and create sacred ceremonies and rituals.

When we choose to believe in miracles and believe fully in the power of healing, we allow the innate wisdom of our body to be activated.

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