September 2-5, 2022

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Ancestral Wisdom to Unlock your Infinite Potential

This retreat explores the theoretical and experiential groundwork of the shamanic transformation and healing process, drawing intercultural bridges between various indigenous cultures of the world. With the support of indigenous Dreamwork perspectives, Jungian transpersonal and Buddhist psychologies, Primordial Breathwork™ and sacred geometry, we start remembering the universal language of evolutionary healing expressed throughout the world’s ancient cultural wisdom. While the wisdom of all ancestral traditions is sacred, in this retreat we focus mainly on Amazonian, Andean, and Tibetan living wisdom lineages with the support of several Chinese and Hindu practices which the facilitators have studied and benefited from personally.

In this retreat we focus on grounding into these indigenous wisdom traditions with the foundational daily practices that consciously bring balance and stability to each of our hero’s journeys towards the freedom of unlimited potential. Cultivating living wisdom through skillful means of ancestral practices, intentional engagement of heart presence, music/song circles, healthy nourishment and body movement allows for steady steps in the here and now to dream awake the evolutionary purpose of every moment.

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The practices in this retreat were shared with Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson directly by the elder holders of the ancient lineages from the Amazonian tribes of Ashuar, Whitoto and Yahua, Andean Incan descendants, Q’ero and Quechua people as well as Tibetan Lamas from the traditions of Karma Kagyu, Bonpo Dzogchen, Nyingma and Gelugpa and have been practiced in this format since 2001. The practices you’ll learn in this retreat are transmitted as distinct “Waves”, each uniquely complementing the ancestral principle of reciprocity and synergy of life. They’re progressive stages of maturation in the individual’s river of consciousness as we remove all blockages that cause separation from the limitless ocean of divine intelligence. These practices include:

Wave of Remembering: Through remembering, we learn how to release tensions and emotional charges in the form of fears, inhibitions, repressed emotions and traumas from the past, while simultaneously awakening the unconditional primordial essence as a cause for timeless well-being.

Wave of Dreaming: With the help of Jungian transpersonal psychology, indigenous dreaming perspectives, and sacred geometry, we can remember the universal language of evolutionary healing.

Wave of Wind Breath: Each day we will embark on an experiential journey through a cathartic Breathwork practice that blends Amazonian and Tibetan traditions. This practice is a deeply meditative, heart-activating and potentially cathartic experience that revives the cellular memory of the whole organism. Breathwork sessions are accompanied by ceremonial cacao.

Wave of Process-Oriented Symptomatic Dance: This shamanic healing modality intuitively follows the organism’s symptoms to their origin of the dreaming language and supports us to disentangle the knots of conditioning at their root.


Healthy organic vegan food will be provided.


Option 1: Indoor camping in the temple. Please bring anything you will need to be comfortable (sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.)

Option 2: Outdoor camping in your personal tent. Again, please bring everything you will need to be comfortable.

Our host has a couple beds available in a near by cabin for an extra charge. If you interested in these please let us know. We would like to hold them as a first priority for any elders or those with physical challenges.

The Yurt Temple Space

Sacred Sanctuary Yurt Temple Space

I’m so excited and feeling so blessed. Our yurt temple space is up ! The Temple of Wisdom has arisen. We are progressing with flooring and getting the final touches complete for our first retreat in the temple coming September 2 through 5!! 🙏❤️

I’m beyond excited to share that Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson with the Paititi Institute will be traveling from Peru to Colorado and will be facilitating their three day Colorado Form and Formless Transformation Retreat here at The Sacred Sanctuary. I invite you to come join this truly sacred space filled with healing , wisdom and practice

In the fall of 2012 while still receiving chemo therapy for an incurable autoimmune response , I was called to the medicine of the Paititi Institute. I attended their retreats in Colorado and also traveled to their healing center in Peru .

This work was instrumental in my transformational healing process and in receiving the wisdom and gifts that diseases have to offer when viewed as teachers. The practices shared in this retreat have been a corner stone for my own personal healing process and continue to transform my life.

I’m my experience , what makes this work so potent is the combination of the wisdom lineages present with in the container and retreat . This work truly combines the power shamanic realms with the deep wisdoms of the Tibetan lineages. It incorporates Jungian dream work, breathwork, meditation, sacred geometry all as instruments for healing and connecting us back to our true nature and the shared heart of humanity . For me it removed very deep blocks, cleared emotional wounds and awakened me to some of my most sacred gifts . I highly recommend this work and am honored to host this mindfully lead retreat on the land .


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