Sisterhood of the New Moon- Nurturing balance and empowering our medicine

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Date(s) - 08/31/2019
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Foothills of Boulder in Fourmile Canyon


New Moon Circle at the Sacred Sanctuary 

Hello sisters of the new moon!! It is such an honor and so exciting to be sharing may land with you and to gather in our Meadow of Magic! We have a beautiful new tipi on the land that has been dedicated to circle and gathering for the benefit of all humanity! This will be the activation circle of this powerful space!

We are in the new Moon of Virgo, the second of the earth signs in the Zodiac that shares with Taurus and Capricorn a practicality and connection to the physical world.  In this time we are being called to find more balance in our habits and routines and to detoxify both physically and emotionally as a means to reset.  Virgo is also a sign that loves to be in service to the world in a useful way so it’s a great time to focus on the ways we can benefit humanity! (

As I was meditating into the most healing energies for this circle and before reading the energies I just presented above, I first got a strong call to nurturing, regeneration and balance. As I meditated again, I was receiving a strong call to focus on empowering our medicine and finding ways to bring those gifts into the world. It was so wonderful to read this as an affirmation of my inner voice!

As we gather on this new moon we will be gathering in honor of nurturing balance in our lives and bodies and bringing our gifts and medicine to the world.

Circle and Ritual:

  • Arrival 2pm for those who would like to help
  • Arrival 2:45 for those attending
  • Close 5:30 (also establishing and maintaining divine timing)

To tend to your physical body, as you arrive on the land, you will have space to ground with the land and visit the river and let its wisper of wisdom cleanse you. I ask that you please also find a stone that speaks to your soul as you commune with the land. I will have tobacco on the sacred alter so you may offer a prayer of gratitude for this gift. I will offer you tobacco to give to the space as a thank you for this gift. We will gather around the sacred fire circle (with no fire) and I will offer each woman a smudge and blessing before we walk to the Meadow of Magic.

Our Sacred Circle

With your stone in hand we will circle in the Tipi and open a sacred sister circle with our agreements and setting of the healing container. We will breath together in a heart meditation and share in ritual by imbuing our stones with the energies of our prayers and intentions and then building a prayer stone stack as a collective to strengthen our insights and also intensify the healing energies of the land. We will then each share one prayer offering to the land and mother earth as a means to give back and then close the circle.


As you prepare for our time together, please contemplate the following questions. We will have time to contemplate these as a group bu these intentions will be what get imbued in our prayuer stack.:

  1. What can I nurture in my life that will bring more balance to my being? What is one action step I can take to establish this balance and nurturing?
  2. What is my medicine for this world? What gifts can I activate to help humanity? What is one action step you can take or are taking to be in service to another?
We will have space after closing the circle to be on the land and share in social time together. I had originally  envisioned a potluck, but its feeling like simplicity is so good for this weekend!! If you would like to bring a light snack to share, we can nibble or just chat before we embark to our dinner hours! 

Things to bring:

We are just getting our sacred space set and it would be wonderful if each sister could help tend the space and to her own needs on some levels.

  • Water Bottle
  • Notebook and pen
  • Blanket and Pillow (what you will sit on in the tipi. Its the ground of mama earth. )
  • Snacks to share
  • Item for the group alter
  • Open heart and gratitude
  • An offering and prayer for the land


Address Provided with Registration 


Bookings are closed for this event.

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