One-On-One Services

Healing Mentorships with One-on-One Support

My journey has been blessed with a wide network of alternative modalities, each lending a step toward transforming the disease process.  I have used Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breath Work, Shamanism, Dream Work, Network Chiropractic’s, Meditation, Tai Chi, Nutrition, Ho’o’ponopono, Sweat Lodge, Sound Therapy, Light Therapy, Sacred Plants and Medicinal Herbs.  It is my intent to be a support in your healing process by providing motivation, encouragement, and access to an amazing network of practitioners. Together we can find the next step on your path to wholeness. 

Regenerative Healing Hands Sessions

Through my transformation process, I was blessed with an awakening and activation of a very special gift designed to be of a great service to others. I was able to regenerate all of the myelin on my spinal chord and can now channel this regenerative energy to help aid in the recovery and restoration of others.  My healing hands sessions combine Tui Na Message, Tibetan singing bowls, Shamanic medicine songs and intuitive touch. We will also work on centering, breathing and mindfulness practices. 

Intuitive Readings

It is my philosophy that each of us naturally has access to the deepest universal wisdoms and that we just need to tap into our true nature to unlock everything we need. My readings help you unlock universal wisdoms and aid in restoration by revealing helper crystals, spirit guides, affirmations and divine guidance.

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