One-On-One Services

Healing Mentorships with One-on-One Support

My personal journey was blessed with a wide network of alternative modalities and healers, each lending a step toward transforming the disease process.  I have used Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breath Work, Shamanism, Dream Work, Network Chiropractic’s, Meditation, Tai Chi, Nutrition, Ho’o’ponopono, Sweat Lodge, Sound Therapy, Light Therapy, Chiropractics, Sacred Plants and Medicinal Herbs along this path of awakening and healing.  It is my intent to be a support in your healing process by providing motivation, encouragement, healings hands, practices, guidance and access to resources that will aid in your transformation, healing and wellbeing. Together we can find the next step on your path to wholeness. 

Regenerative Healing Hands Sessions

Through the transformational healing process, I was blessed with an awakening and activation of several healing gifts designed to be of a great service to others. The shaman of the amazon call diseases stern mothers here to teach us very specific lessons. It is said that on the other side of disease are great gifts.

In this awakening process, with aid of sprit, healing hands, connection to nature and a deep belief, I was able to regenerate all of the myelin on my spinal chord. In the western word this rapid healing is unheard of and deemed impossible. In the word of Shamanism and energy, miraculous healing is possible. All imbalances in the body can be healed with the right causes and conditions. One of the gifts that I uncovered from this transformational healing process is one of rapid regeneration. With a deep humbleness to sprit and my healing helpers, it is now my great honor and blessing to channel this regenerative energy in combination with clairvoyance and clear seeing wisdom to help aid in the recovery and restoration of others. 

My healing hands sessions are each different and tailored to the client and to the needs of his or her body, mind and spirt. Diseases only manifest in the physical after rooting in the spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies. We will work together to find the root cause , purify and bring in universal healing energy. We will work to bring any blocks back to unconditional love and wholeness and to receive the wisdom and insight to each challenge.

During your session, we will pin point the areas that you would like to purify and the ares you would like to strengthen. The session will combine many healing techniques to aid in your balance and wellbeing. Depending on your specific needs we will use Shamanic clearing techniques , guided meditation, intuitive touch and message, Tibetan singing bowls and sound therapy, Shamanic medicine songs, timeline clearings, purification and rein-fusing with universal healing energy. In the session, we will also pin-point meditation practices and affirmations designed for your daily life. This will aid in your integration process and give you new practices and habits of focused awareness, which are essential for lasting transformation. When you are able to change your habitual thought patterns, you will begin to see a new reality and the physical body will respond favorably. Another aspect that may come through your session are plants, oils or medical herbs. The natural world contains many allies in healing and if its right for you, we will work to pinpoint plant, elemental and crystal helpers for further balance and wellbeing.

At this time my one-on-one healing sessions are held here at The Sacred Sanctuary in our healing hut called The Temple of the Hearth. This deeply intentional healing space was designed, guided and crafted to hold sessions and sacred space for knowledge, regeneration, transformation and balance. You can read more here about the healing hut here.

Intuitive Readings

It is my philosophy that each of us naturally has access to the deepest universal wisdoms and that we just need to tap into our true nature to unlock everything we need. Another gift that became very clear along my path of healing, was a deep knowing of my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. My readings help you unlock universal wisdoms and aid in restoration by revealing helper crystals, spirit guides, affirmations and divine guidance that will help you find clarity and your highest expression.

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