The Sisterhood of the Sacred Sanctuary

Sisterhood of the Sacred Sanctuary

Seeds of Intention: This sacred circle was founded in the spring of 2021 through a cocreative process with an amazing woman named Ellen Peirce. She courageously put out a call to gather with an intention to hold as much space for our joy, success and gratitude as we do for our grief and sorrow. As a keeper of sacred space and knowing the power of unified intention, I felt deeply resonant with this seed. I offered to host this circle. Over the past 13 moons, we have watered and nurtured this seed with sacred heart connection and committee sisterhood. It has grown and blossomed into The Sisterhood of the Sacred Sanctuary. We are now a full mandala of wise women sharing our gifts and co-creating a space of intimacy, friendship, transformation, healing, empowerment, care, wisdom and insight. 

Ways we gather
Monthly Heart Connections- Sisters you are invited to join our regular monthly gathering.  We meet in-person once a month around the new moon. We sit in the council ways of the elders with deep listening and reflecting, allowing each woman to feel deeply seen heard and honored.  We hold space for and honor our joys, successes and gratitude. We empower our dreams, grow our successes and bring our visions to reality. We also hold a space for and honor those pieces that need to be brought back to unconditional love and wholeness. We look lovingly at any blocks or challenges that arise and set the intention to extract the insight and wisdom from these transformational gateways. We meditate, pray, sing, breathe and eat together. 
Note: This circle capped at 9 women. Women committed to attending monthly for 6 to 12 months will be given pre-Registration before opening registration to all.

Seasonal Rituals and Ceremonies– When we take time to connect to the seasons and cycles of mother Earth we begin to feel connected to all life.  As wise women we gather in ritual to honor the cycles of the moon, the cycles of woman, the cycles of nature, tend fire, dance and cocreate a space that uplifts and connects us to our true nature, Mother nature and spirit.  We hold space for women to bring and share their gifts within sacred containers to benefit all life.  

Where We Meet: This circle is held in the mountains of Boulder on a very magical piece of land called The Sacred Sanctuary. Here you will be held by a sacred mountain, engulfed in a meadow of magic, cleansed by the gentle flow of the river and guided by grandmother tree. We can embrace our wild feminine and immerse in the healing frequencies of the land while communing with spirit and our divine intelligence. I am honored to be a guardian of this land and am excited that the land is offering to hold sisterhood. She is so very wise and has so much energy to offer! Please also remember to come in prayer and in reverence to the land. Walk lightly and always give back in intention, prayer and offering to our shared earth mother. 

Registration and PayPal payment required before circle. No heart turned away for lack of funds. Cost will be shared for each circle. You can see our current event offerings and register here.

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