Life at The Sacred Sanctuary

She is a very sweet , intimate space of healing , regeneration and relaxation.  We have identified  many wild and edible plants . We have plentiful gardens and have a strong call to making it more sustainable and regenerative.  This is really at the heart of our intention, so to live here one must feel inspired by living green and being in harmony with the divine intelligence of Mother Nature.  We are looking for beings who feel aligned with the mission and want to support it! My partner and I have been tending the vision up here for many years and we deeply appreciate  the heart family who have come and shared the land. We wish to attract more support and those who honor this work. 

Intention in this now: Moving forward easily with development of the Sacred Sanctuary in the creation of spaces of peace, compassion, harmony, love, healing, and abundance in community for all that come.

Places to Live on the Land

The Main House
My home is on the land and is the largest structure . My son and I are up here full time with our dog and two kitties. Michael is up here 70% of the time and at the community house in north east boulder the other part of the week. 

The Stewards Camper
This 18 foot camper has its own kitchen, living space and bathroom.  We had a land steward in that space for 18 months who did a work trade and are open to this scenario again . It is currently empty and ready  for our next steward. Our work trade option includes an array of tasks including land stewarding, fire mitigation,  wood chopping, garden planting and tending, animal tending, assisting with building projects and support with cabin guests when needed. 

For work trade we are looking for someone who has experience in the following areas: Organic Farming , permaculture, light handy man and building , temple building, mindfulness,  meditation and holding sacred space. 

Pricing is based on $850 per month plus utilities . If doing work trade we offer $20 per hour and require work to be complete before the reduction in rent is applied.  

The Cabin of Creativity
Our restful, retreat cabin has really sweet energy of creativity, inspiration, abundance and rejuvination . The structure is 615 square feet with two bedrooms, bathroom,  kitchen and small living room. She is all her own little spot across the river from my home . The cabin was renovated in 2020 and has new flooring and a new bathroom . The bathroom offers a stand up shower, toilet, sink vanity and medicine cabinet. The space also offers a full kitchen with stove, oven and full size refrigerator and freezer. It is heated by a propane heater and runs on its on independent well for water. We recommend filtered  drinking water or live water from our local natural spring.

For long term landmates, the cabin can be either furnished or non furnished or somewhere in between. It can offer longterm land mates a space to truly call HOME,  to connect with nature and solitude, to grown food , to live sustainably and to be a part  of a small community. It is offered without the amenities listed below and requires a security deposit.

For short term regenerative retreat stays the cabin is offered fully furnished with two full beds, shelves, armoire, desk, futon couch, coffee table and storage cubbies. We want this to feel like HOME and offer amenities  to allow you to cook healthy and nurturing meals.  Amenities  include linens, blankets, pillows, towels,  a  blender, food processor, storage containers, tupperware, rice cooker, high grade knives, coffee pot, tea pot, dishes, utensils , pots and pans, baking dishes, and cutting boards. We are a space of sustainable living and offer reusable water bottles and fresh spring water for all retreat guests . We also offer all biodegradable cleaning supplies, body wash,  shampoo and conditioner. Please note all products on the land are requested to be biodegradable. 

Please use our contact from for pricing and availability

What does it take to live here? 

Honor and respect for the land and of the work that has gone into this space so far. Desire to live in harmony with nature and Mother Earth. Understanding of the vision / mission and  inspiration to support it. Desire and inspiration to live on land and to work the land. Desire and inspiration to live sustainably and to grow food. Desire and inspiration to support or cocreate occasional retreats and a nourishing healing space. Desire and inspiration to share occasional meals and create a supportive environment and community. Desire and inspiration to self realize, meditate and hold a space of silence, heart, joy and presence. Desire and inspiration to share your gifts to the mission of the land, with one another and humanity.

We ask that all land mates be open to attending between 2 and 4 land meetings a month. Be willing to contribute 16 hours of land service per month. We ask that land mates have financial stability to uphold financial agreements.

Previous Land Family and what has worked well 

We have shared this space with amazing heart centered humans. The relationships we have cultivated are truly soul family. While bonds cannot be forced we wish to continue attracting this sweet vibe of support and care.   

Our previous landmates were super dedicated to giving to the land and really getting to know her. They really felt the vision here. They connected with her and helped hold such a beautiful space. Their practices and connection to spirit helped hold harmony. They also deeply cared for and loved Namaste. We had a wonderful balance between community and solitude.

As far as long term landmates, we had two healers and one yogi preschool teacher. One thing that worked really well was that their actual healing practices and work (seeing clients in person physically ) were held in town and not focused on the land. While there is space for cocreation of retreats, having daily clients for multiple healers could stretch traffic beyond a harmonious level. I have been very focused on my motherhood journey and have just begun seeing occasional clients up here and plan on more as the healing hut comes to completion.

We have neighbors to consider and need to find a good balance between rest/rejuvenation and community. 

Questions to Consider

Please feel into these questions and share from your heart: 

  • What is your lifestyle?
  • What are your greatest inspirations in life?
  • What inspires you about the mission of the land?
  • What are your gifts/talents and how do they align with the vision here?
  • How do you see contributing to the vision, the land and its projects?
  • What does it mean to you to live sustainably and in a regenerative way?
  • How do you personally listen and receive wisdom from land and nature?
  • What are your challenges and opportunities for growth?
  • How do you live in community and what does that mean to you?
  • What practices do you use to center and self realize?

If you’re hearing the call to explore land stewardship at The Sacred Sanctuary, please reach out to us!

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