The Sacred Sanctuary

As the retreat space for Angelic Light Connections, the Sacred Sanctuary is nestled on 6 acres of land in the foothills of Boulder and held by a sacred mountain and river. This healing land has a deep connection to the divine white light of the selenite and to the energy of the four pillars of light. It has dedicated itself to help humanity anchor love, compassion, peace and harmony as the foundation for the new paradigm.

This is a space where all life on the planet is considered sacred and where the interconnectedness of life on our planet is felt and honored. It is a space where the intertribal alter can network as a means to bring together the ancient and indigenous wisdoms from around the world. We deeply understand that these wisdoms and earth-honoring ways hold the codes of the divine intelligence of our planet and will help the Earth and humanity find balance and harmony.

This land wants to nurture the seeds of divine intelligence to grow and expand wisdom practices as a means to benefit all life and all beings on the planet and in the universe.

The Sacred Sanctuary is also committed to making decisions that support the environment, the balance of the ecosystem, and our natural resources. We are committed to the environment and to creating a model where our financial sustainability is aligned with environmental health.

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