The Temple of the Hearth

We are so incredibly excited that our temple space was completed June of 2023!

The Temple of the Hearth is located in a very sacred meadow with deep healing energies. This 20ft yurt was a culmination of 2 years of work. Before building her foundation, we meditated with the land and received guidance on a healing mandala to burry in the ground as a foundation to anchor healing energy and wisdom. We procured the crystals and then created a handmade round mandala box to center under the structure exactly where the dome is located to create a channel of divine energy. To hold the crystals in an exact position, we used sand from our river and from my sons childhood sandbox. This combination represents the energies of the divine intelligence of mother earth and our pure innocent true nature being help in the strength of the divine masculine. Before being buried we charged the crystal mandala in the full moon light and held several ceremonies to bless the crystals and the land. From this center point, we laid selenite directly in the ground in a 12 pointed star around the perimeter of the yurt. As we built the structure we held ceremony to bless the temple and used sacred sound and mantra throughout the process.

It is truly a dream come true to see this space come into reality and for the benefit of all beings. The Temple of the Hearth serves as my healing space where I offer private sessions, shamanic journeys, intimate retreats, workshops and sacred circle. Please click here for more information on my one-on-one sessions. Please click here for more information on our sacred sisterhood. Please click here for more upcoming events.

Outside of my sessions, the Temple of the Hearth is a community space on the land and is open for fellow land stewards and retreat guests for practice and meditation. It is intended to be a space where we can connect with spirit, practice together or singularly and where wisdom keepers can share gifts, blessings and knowledge. A deep intention of the land is to honor wisdom traditions and to be a space where ancient wisdom can be shared and cultivated. If you are a wisdom keeper or master teacher with an intimate gathering, please reach out using our contact form with detailed information about your offerings . We will consider your proposal and its fit for the sanctuary.

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